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The Best Business Books From the TME Executives

TaylorMade Experience’s Must-Reads

When we’re not reading Colleen Hoover’s latest romance novel, our team at TaylorMade Experience can be found diving deep into literature and podcasts to better understand the industry, our team dynamic, and our clients. When our experienced Executive Team was asked to evaluate their favorite professional must-reads, these are the books they had to recommend.

Not Everyone Gets a Trophy: How to Manage The Millennials
By Bruce Tulgan

✔️ Management Style      ✔️ All Professions      ✔️ Short Read

Available on Amazon: Hardcover or Paperback
About: Not Everyone Gets a Trophy: How to Manage the Millennials provides employers with a workable game plan for turning Millennials into the stellar workforce they have the potential to be. With the culmination of over two decades of research, this book provides employers with a practical framework for engaging, developing, and retaining the new generation of employees. (Google Books)

Just Be Honest: Authentic Communication Strategies That Get Results and Last a Lifetime
By Steven Gaffney

✔️ Strategies       ✔️ All Professions      ✔️ Short Read

Available on Amazon: Paperback
About: In Just Be Honest, you will learn that honesty is not only the best policy; it’s the easiest and most effective way to communicate. You’ll learn how to be honest with others and how to get them to be honest with you. You will learn how to use honesty as a tool to get immediate and dramatic results with anyone regardless of their backgrounds, needs, personality or personal agenda. You will learn how to eliminate communication breakdowns and personality conflicts, prevent problems before they occur, and get the bottom-line results you desire–quickly and painlessly. You will learn why the two most commonly used “communication strategies” never work and what you can do instead. (Amazon)

Uncharitable: How Restraints on Nonprofits Undermine Their Potential
By Dan Pallotta

✔️ Nonprofit       ✔️ Book turned Documentary    ✔️ Fundraising

Available on Amazon: Paperback
About: Where other books on the nonprofit sector suggest ways to optimize performance inside the existing paradigm, Uncharitable suggests that the paradigm itself is the problem and calls into question our fundamental canons about charity. Author Dan Pallotta argues that society’s nonprofit ethic acts as a strict regulatory mechanism on the natural economic law. It creates an economic apartheid that denies the nonprofit sector critical tools and permissions that the for-profit sector is allowed to use without restraint. These double standards place the nonprofit sector at an extreme disadvantage on every level. While the for-profit sector is permitted to use all the tools of capitalism to advance the sale of consumer goods, the nonprofit sector is prohibited from using any of them to fight hunger or disease. (Google Books)

Intentional Event Design: Our Professional Opportunity
By Tahira Endean, CMP

✔️ Strategies       ✔️ Event-Management      ✔️ Digestible

Available on Amazon: Hardcover
About: Our role as event professionals is to create experiences steeped in trust, where our audiences feel their participation in our event was the best use of their time and financial investment and our stakeholders see the value from investing in worthwhile events. This requires our event designs to bring out the best in human nature by making intentional decisions based on the knowledge available about our participants and their needs. Deeply understanding how human beings respond in live event environments is our new currency. (Amazon)

At TaylorMade Experience, we strive to continue to educate ourselves everyday. If you want to build on your own fundamentals, be sure to check out our Favorites Things page to purchase any of the books mentioned above. Do you have recommendations for our team? Let us know what resources you have found beneficial on LinkedIn or Facebook.

Happy reading!

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