Event Management

We’ve got you covered.

No matter the event or location, TaylorMade Experience takes care of every detail – from conception to completion – so you and your staff can focus on your guests.

We start with an initial planning meeting to understand your needs and vision for realizing a memorable event. From the theme, décor, menu, guest list, seating, ticket sales, program flow and entertainment, we produce flawless events that ignite the imagination, surpass expectations, and reflect your brand.

In the months preceding the event we coordinate all event logistics in partnership with your staff and provide on-site support throughout the entire event from set-up to tear down. Post-event we organize a wrap-up meeting to assess outcomes, report results, review the budget and provide recommendations for stewardship of your guests.

Live Event Management Services Include:

  • Developing and tracking the event timeline for all tasks and deadlines;
  • Proposing (when appropriate) and coordinating the event budget;
  • Providing database management for all logistics and checklists;
  • Researching, negotiating, contracting, and managing of all vendor contracts and invoices;
  • Coordinating the design, printing, (e)mailing, and on-site distribution of all event collateral;
  • Tracking sponsorships, ticket sales, RSVPs and donations;
  • Managing the on-site registration process as well as the seating plan;
  • Coordinating all elements of the program including scriptwriting, technical A/V requirements and engaging with participants;
  • Delivering post-event reports, attendance lists, budget review and stewardship recommendations.

Virtual & Hybrid Event Management

Let us help you attract, engage, and inspire attendees in a virtual setting.

With a clear understanding of best practices and thoughtful solutions for creating interactive and elevated content, we are your go-to resource for developing successful online engagements.

Services Include:

  • Planning timelines, task list & deadline tracking
  • Platform integration
  • Digital communications
  • Talent booking
  • Creative strategy and content development
  • Production management
  • Invitation and RSVP management
  • Program participant briefings
  • Live polling
  • Real-time support
  • Data collection & analytics
  • Post-event surveys
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