The Search Process

We ensure a good fit

We will help you throughout the hiring process and ensure that you’ve chosen the right candidate for your business.

The entire search process generally spans a three-month period, although we do offer an accelerated two-month schedule when necessary.  Once a final candidate has accepted the position, a start date may be anywhere from four to eight weeks away.  

Occasionally, an ideal candidate emerges early in the search process and for reasons of timing and availability, we may wish to present the candidate outside of the proposed timeline.  Should this arise, we will share background on the candidate and facilitate the necessary meetings in advance of the proposed timeline.  

As we enter into the search process, it is important to recognize that while the job description outlines everything you skillfully hope to find in a final candidate, we, also place emphasis on those who have the personal characteristics and qualities that will enable him/her to thrive within the context and culture of your organization.

Once the final candidate has been determined, TME will broker communications between both parties.  This means directly with the candidate in providing the proposed offer and with the organization during negotiations.   Once finalized, TME will notify all applicants that the search is closed and provide constructive feedback.

      • After the employee is on board, we will provide an additional three months of support to assist you and your leadership to ensure the success of their performance and position fit. 
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