Client & Employee Testimonials

From Day One

Working with TaylorMade Experience has been one of the most enjoyable parts of my job since the first day I met them. It has been years now, and it just keeps getting better. In fact, whenever there is an opportunity to connect with them, I jump at it. They have managed events for me and also helped with specific projects. Their whole team is always positive, and the leadership there has been incredibly supportive - from day one! We recently worked with Jen to find a development leader, and she was as professional as any person with whom I have worked. In fact, if you are looking for any help at all in finding development personnel, look to TME and to Jen. And a huge thanks to Christina and Melissa for all their guidance and support over the years.

– Mark Bergel, Ph.D.

Co-founder, The Shared Humanity Project
Personable, Tenacious, and Well-versed

To be a great recruiter you need to be personable, tenacious, and well-versed in the industries you serve – Jen McNulty possesses all of these qualities. In the many years that I have known Jen, she has been able to identify very talented individuals and find them the right fit within an organization. For her, it is not only a profession, but it is also a passion. That comes across when she speaks to potential candidates, but also when she is able to coach clients on what skills they truly need in their next employee to make them successful. The connections and talent Jen has makes her a valuable addition to anyone’s recruiting capability.

– Tim Wilde

CEO, MDW Associates
From the Employee:

Jen McNulty’s an experienced and committed leader with integrity - serving the Defense, non-profit, and business communities in the National Capital region for over two decades. Her work ethic and knowledge of the ever-changing job market is invaluable to those looking for a new opportunity or that first one. I should know - Jen placed me in 1998 - getting my foot in the door and helping me start my career.

– Tom Plant

Program Manager, MDW Associates
A Great Asset!

When we started Barrel Oak Winery, we were certain we had created a fantastic product and a wonderful environment for our clients. We quickly grew and knew we were going to need greater infrastructure and leadership to help stay on track. I reached out to Jen McNulty in 2014 looking for exactly that, candidates who we review and hopefully hire into the organization. She immediately sent me the resume of Jeannine Wenners and the rest is history. I have had the pleasure of working with Jeannine for several years and I amazed by her professionalism toward the business and our clientele. She is a great asset to the Barrel Oak family!

– Brian Roeder

Owner, Barrel Oak Winery
From the Employee:

I had the pleasure of working with Jen to procure my current position as the COO of Barrel Oak Wineries. I was ready to reenter the workforce and wanted to pursue a professional career in the wine industry. After several discussions with Jen regarding my skill set and professional experience, she immediately went to work searching for the right opportunity for me. She connected me directly with Barrel Oak Winery’s owner, Brian Roeder who interested in building his leadership staff at the time. We connected immediately and I was the perfect fit for his business needs. I have been with Barrel Oak for years and continue to greatly enjoy the experience.

– Jeannine Wenners

COO, Barrel Oak Winery
Knows talent when she sees it

When I opened Centrolina over four years ago, I knew I had something very special, an upscale Italian restaurant with a great vibe with amazing food in a warm and inviting space. All I needed to fulfill my vision was a great staff to serve our culinary creations. I’ve known Jen for 30 years and she knows all too well what Centrolina means to me. She also knows good talent when she sees it and brought me one of my first servers. He came with some experience serving at restaurants in the area. However, it was his drive and personality that made him stand out to me. He quickly learned the ropes of serving in a high-end restaurant and from that he quickly became one of my best servers. I recently promoted him to the Manager of my newest project, Piccolina. He has helped me grow as a business, and I hope in turn, I have given him an opportunity to succeed in his profession. Jen also brought Scott Mazzotta to Centrolina. As with my first server, Scott did not have a lot of server experience, but Jen knew his personality would make him a great server. He’s been with us for several years and is definitely one of my best on the floor. I would not hesitate to reach out to Jen to find more talent for my businesses!

– Chef Amy Brandwein

Chef, Centrolina

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