Meeting Facilitation

Stuck in the weeds? We’ll get you out.

Having a well thought out strategic plan with accountability, attainable goals and milestones is key to any successful business.

Do you have an upcoming strategy session that you want to keep on track and generate results? Partner with TaylorMade Experience to facilitate the meeting. We bring perspective, experience and emotional intelligence to keep your group focused. By asking insightful questions, encouraging full participation, balancing personalities – the result is a sound, action-oriented plan that includes sustainable agreements, realistic goals and accountability.


Strategic planning may sound daunting, but we can help guide you through. We conduct pre-planning interviews with all participants involved in the execution of the plan to have a baseline understanding of desired outcomes and potential concerns. We will work with you to outline goals during the planning process and tailor the tools and techniques to achieve success.


We bring the energy you need to keep everyone engaged. Teams often bring a number of beliefs, values and diverse experience to the table. Unless there is a platform for honest, open communication – sometimes dissenting opinions can undermine strategic planning meetings. We view the entire organization through a positive, objective lens. We keep discussions productive and high-level, focusing on the big picture, all while taking everyone’s ideas and concerns into consideration. TME creates an environment that is cohesive, builds excitement among the team, and delivers a serious sense of accomplishment.


After the meeting, you can expect TME to compile a full report, including meeting minutes and the roadmap to achieving your desired goals. We will meet with you to review the plan and help to ensure it does not end up on a shelf.

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