Tips for Nonprofit Fundraising

My name is Marianne Johnson and I am an Account Manager at TaylorMade Experience. Two weeks ago I ran the most miles and raised the most money I ever have, all while in quarantine. During the initial COVID-19 pandemic stay-at-home orders, I created a bit of a routine for myself with a run marking my transition from day-time leggings to night-time leggings. While running provided peace of mind during this period of unknown, I wanted to run with more of a purpose. I signed up for A Wider Circle's Race To...

An event auction is a fantastic way to raise funds. Sponsors and vendors can donate must-have prizes, attendees will feel good about donating to the cause while trying to take home some new treasures, and your event will raise funds in the process—everyone wins! But while auctions are a go-to event fundraising activity, they can easily get out of control. Over the years, we’ve learned exactly what works and what doesn’t—here are just a few of the do’s and don’ts we’ve learned firsthand: DO have a live auction with a solid plan...

Whether you’re looking to increase donations, sales, exposure, or your guest list, holding an engaging event is your ticket to success. Your guests want to be immersed in an experience. They want to enjoy a night that’s inspiring and invigorating—they want to walk away from the event feeling like they’ve gained a lot just by attending. So, how do you provide your guests with an exciting and engaging experience that will increase donations or ROI? Start with the following: Know your audience This is the number-one, hands-down, most important aspect to throwing a fabulous event....

In some cases, fundraising may be no more than a clumsy ask for money. It can be difficult responsibility for the asker as the conversation requires a clear and definite request that must be presented firmly but politely. And if that wasn’t enough, fundraising can take place through a myriad of methods. Some common ways are through online donations, annual campaigns, event sponsorships, onsite giving at an event, and silent or live auctions. Done well, fundraising can be immensely beneficial to an organization and well worth the potential headache. At its...


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