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One of the best ways to have a successful fundraising event is to set up an effective host committee. Key word: Effective! Your committee members are the leadership and life-force of your event, and with good communication, the possibilities are endless. These are the people who can invite important guests to the event and who will lend much-needed help to the overall planning, setup, and organization. And even if your host committee only consists of two people, that’s okay! The number of leaders doesn’t matter—the key to success is all in...

1. Who are you? Description of organization and fund use. This is key for new prospects but is also a good reminder to your existing donor base. To both new and current contacts, this description answers the “Why?” question – why should I support this organization? This is your opportunity to share your mission, key programs, and the anticipated use of funds received as a result of your fundraising efforts. This is also your chance to use logic or if you’re a non-profit an emotional appeal to pull on the heart strings...

Are you getting a lackluster performance out of your board or event committee? Are you not producing the results you had desired? Are you rallying the teams and just not getting anyone to bite? We feel your pain! Effective boards and event committees are essential in creating outreach lists for invitations, sponsorships, and cultivating new donors, so their lack of involvement can be a significant problem to your bottom line. Whether your board or event committee is uninvolved, hard to engage and excite, or just totally unresponsive, there are several ways...


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