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3 Ways to Make Your Clients Feel Like VIPs

Everyone thinks they are a VIP, and you know what? They are absolutely right!

Here at TaylorMade Experience, we make sure all of our clients and customers are given platinum-level treatment. After spending years catering to important event guests, celebrity speakers and entertainers, politicians, diplomats, we now have some tips and tricks in place that make all of our clients feel like total rock stars.

If you’re looking to take a few plays out of our playbook, here’s how we work with the VIPs we encounter in our field.

Board members

From the very beginning of a client relationship, we take great care to communicate with the VIPs of the non-profit world: board members.

Our approach is to be proactive, effective, diplomatic, and tactful. We take diligent notes on how often we check in with board members and when we should follow up. When we do speak with them, we’re always respectful and polite.

Takeaway: Always keep detailed communication notes on your customers, and be sure your team has access to the information. This information will keep you from bombarding folks with emails, phone calls or follow-up messages, and will establish an open and effective line of communication with the client.

Event speakers and special guests

Event speakers and special guests are oftentimes a really big deal. These VIPs could be high-profile celebrities, Nobel Prize winners, business gurus or thought leaders, and we make sure they are treated as such. One of our best tactics for dealing with special guests is to create a look book.

The look book provides photos of an event’s special guests along with names and any other important information. This book allows our team to recognize and properly greet the VIP. Making meaningful small talk creates a positive impression in the guest’s mind.

Takeaway: Though they may not get stalked by the paparazzi or have a million Twitter followers, all of your clients deserve to be treated like A-listers. Take the time to add some personalization to your communication with them—let them know you care about who they are and what they want. This could be as simple as including their first name in a marketing email.

Clients, aka, our favorite VIPs

Our clients are, by far, our most important people. In fact, the service we deliver to board members, speakers, and special guests is all done for the benefit of our clients.

We deliver platinum-level treatment to our clients by:

  • Going out of our way to learn our clients’ likes and dislikes, goals, and any other useful information that will help us to make their lives easier. We want them to know how much we appreciate their business and that we will go out of our way to make them happy.
  • Anticipating our clients’ needs whenever and wherever possible. This could mean preparing certain reports on the media exposure an event has generated or making sure they have a preferred type of hotel room booked at the event location.
  • We try to learn our clients’ preferences—would they rather hear from us via an email or a phone call? Are they vegan or vegetarian? Knowing what they prefer makes it easier for us to accommodate their needs.

Takeaway: All of these seemingly little details make our clients feel special. It won’t take much to apply the same principles to your business—just a bit of foresight, consideration, and genuine care.

Have you been treated like a rock star by a company before? What did they do and how did it make you feel?

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