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Outsourcing: How To Do It Right

Every small business, large corporation, and nonprofit needs to be flexible and nimble if they want to keep up with competition, market demand, and business trends.That’s one of the reasons outsourcing is so popular – and why companies like TaylorMade Experience exist.

Let’s face it: You don’t need to have a full-time, in-house team that is dedicated to event planning and fundraising. You might not need an in-house general counsel or CPA or digital marketing team, either – but you do need them in your Rolodex.

There are numerous advantages of outsourcing, here are a few:

Lower payroll costs

Hiring, training, and investing in employees is the largest expense for an organization. When you are working on a project outside of your core business, like your annual gala, outsourcing to TaylorMade Experiencejust makes sense. It’s a once a year event, making it far less expensive to outsource the project than keep a salaried employee on staff full-time.

Tremendous time savings

Planning and managing every single aspect of a special event is very, very time-consuming. Pulling current staff off of their projects to work on this one event is not a good use of their time. It’ll take them far longer than a professional event planner, and the results might not live up to your expectations.

Instead, keep your team focused on what they do best. We put our vast knowledge of what it takes to produce an outstanding event – not to mention our finely tuned processes – to work for you immediately.

Tackle bigger and better projects

One of the best things about outsourcing is that it allows your team to scale up and successfully take on bigger projects. We work with many creative professionals who join forces to, say, work on a nonprofit’s annual report.

The event world is no different – we have wonderful relationships with caterers, production teams, floral designers, tent and party rental companies – the list goes on. We don’t need a full-time chef on our staff anymore than you need a full-time general counsel on yours!

Before you bring a new company or professional on board for a specific project, here are three things to look for:

  • Expertise: Definitely look at their years of experience, customer recommendations/reviews, case studies, and portfolio of work (if applicable) to ensure the company or professional walks the walk.
  • Customer service: Superlative customer service is near and dear to our hearts, so look for evidence that they provide it via their recommendations and reviews.
  • Collaborative process: During your initial meeting, ask about process – and listen for evidence that your needs will be given top consideration. A highly collaborative process will make all the difference in the outcome.

Of course, when it comes time to plan your next event, we are ready to help!

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