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6 Excellent Communication Tactics to Running a Smooth Event

With so many moving pieces, an event is a breeding ground for miscommunications—and these types of errors can be costly to businesses. According to this Holmes Report, companies experience an estimated $37 billion in losses as a result of employee misunderstanding. That’s a whole lot of money that could easily be saved with better communication.

Overall, effective communication can prevent common problems in every aspect of business—especially with the event planning process. If you want to make sure your message is getting across—and that your events are running according to plan—try these pro communication tips:

Be Professional

When you’re establishing business relationships, use professional communication to define the roles. A professional tone in all communication will establish trust and leadership with employees and potential clients.This is especially important to remember in moments when emotions and stress levels are running high. In high-stress situations, face-to-face meetings are vital so that no assumptions are made.

Be Honest

Open, honest communication ensures that there are no misunderstandings with your client, employee or customer. Be truthful and upfront about what your company’s capabilities are, and what you expect from the client. Collaboration can be difficult, but starting the process with honesty and a positive attitude can smooth out any bumps in the road.

Be Precise

Detailed communication can keep everyone on track throughout the event planning process. Not only will your employees understand their responsibilities and deadlines, but crystal clear instructions will also eliminate confusion before it happens. Accountability is key, and that’s why we have our TME tasklist. We assign every step of our process to keep everyone on track and ensure everyone is clear about who handles each aspect of the event.

Be Available

Mishaps can occur when there is a low level of responsiveness. Clients need to be able to reach out with concerns and questions, just as employees need to have an open line of communication to address any issues. Making sure you’re available and responsive will keep everyone up-to-date with the event’s progress.

Be Present

Your entire team must be present and ready to work together on the day of the event. Throughout the day it’s vital to keep an ever-present line of communication flowing between staff members who are running the show. Try to eliminate distractions—like non-work related cell phone use—so everyone is fully aware of what’s happening as the event goes on.

Be Proactive

Misunderstandings, unmet expectations, and unanswered questions are all problems that will lead to tension and frustration. Try to anticipate any areas of confusion upfront so you can head things off at the pass. For example, “Where are the bathrooms?” is always a #1 question asked by attendees—make sure your staff knows the answers to questions like these in advance.

Effective communication keeps everyone happy. Creating open lines of dialogue between you, your employees, and your clients is the best way to prevent problems and make for a happier team, satisfied customers, and an event that goes off without a hitch.

What communication tips and tricks work for you? Share them below!

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