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Event Management in the Time of COVID-19

Frequently Asked Questions of Event Planners

  1. Should we cancel our event?  

This is a question that only you can answer.  However, here are some questions that we recommend you consider before making a final decision:

  • What is the location of your event?
    • Is there any official guidance from the CDC and/or WHO regarding travel to this area?
      1. Does it fall within areas where travel has been restricted or alerts have been raised?
    • Are there any local/state/federal government mandates that must be considered?
  • Who will be attending the event?

If your attendees, speakers and other program participants cannot make it to your event, that could have serious financial and programmatic implications.

  •   Where are your attendees traveling from? 
    1. Are these countries impacted by travel restrictions?
    2. Have any corporate travel restrictions been imposed?
  • Will existing closures, limitations on services, etc. make it difficult or impossible for attendees to get to your event?
  • What is your threshold for cancellations?

It is important to consider how much time you have, how much money you are able/willing to forfeit, in terms of cancellation fees and penalties, as well as how many attendee or program participant cancellations you can absorb before hosting the event becomes untenable.  

  • What are the deadlines by which a decision needs to be made?
    1. What are the hotel and travel booking deadlines?
    2. How much advance notice do your attendees and program participants need in order to change or cancel their plans?

  • What contracts have already been signed?
    1. Carefully review the cancellation and force majeure clauses – what fees and/or penalties might you incur?
    2. Can you negotiate these fees and/or reschedule your event to a later date, without penalty or with a reduction in cancellation costs?

2. What are the available alternatives to a standard live format event?

The following services are available to transition your in-person gatherings to virtual experiences.

Whether you make the difficult decision to cancel/postpone your upcoming event or you choose to proceed as planned, communication is KEY!  We recommend that you communicate early and often to keep all key stakeholders engaged and informed.   

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