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5 Expectations to set with New Hires

TME’s VP of Talent Acquisition, Jen McNulty, shares key expectations you should have in place when introducing a new manager to your team. 

Our Talent Acquisition services have grown and we are here to help you and your team achieve your goals!  There are many ways to ensure the successful onboarding of a new manager, our VP of Talent Acquisition, Jen McNulty, shares five key expectations to set when acclimating a new hire to their position. 

1)   Over-communicate. Starting a leadership role within a new organization can be nerve-wracking for you and your team.  Start off by being open and as transparent as possible. One way to tackle uncertainty is to outline a 30-day action plan to share with your team.  Use the document as a foundation to answer questions or address concerns that might come from your staff.  Communicate how you like to be communicated with, email, text, phone.  Share examples of things that motivate you and things that stress you so they understand your personality and how best to work and communicate with you. 

2)   Ask questions. Take the position of learning and absorbing information and back burner the notion you come into the role “knowing” all there is regarding your new employer and team.  Asking insightful and thoughtful questions of your team shows you are interested in their contributions and you are open to their ideas.   

3)   Figure out what people really want to do. You may observe colleagues performing job functions that do not effectively align with their skill sets, or they have expressed greater interest in other aspects of the organization.  Create a collaborative environment that invites your employees to discuss their current role and what other interests may exist.  You may find a repositioning of responsibilities will inspire greater motivation and creativity, allowing them to flourish as a rockstar in the new role.  

4)   Roll-up your sleeves!  Spend time doing the work that your staff is expected to perform.  Establish yourself as a “team-player” AND someone who leads by example.  You will see a unique perspective and learn first-hand about various challenges and potential opportunities that your colleagues experience every day.  

5)   Be decisive. Once you have a solid understanding of your vision and role within the organization, articulate this to your team and create a plan for moving forward.  Your team will gain confidence and trust in knowing precisely what is to be expected of them and of you.  They may even begin to foresee how you will react or respond to a certain situation – which will be welcoming to all. 

Implementing these tools will make your new manager’s transition into your team effortless. Our team will take you through the selection process and mediate a successful onboarding.

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