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Top 5 TME Tips for Scoring a 10/10 on Room Raters

Account Manager, Marianne Johnson, shares valuable guidelines for setting yourself up for success in your workspace.

One of our TME mantras is presentation is everything.  Whether meeting with a client or attending a special event, arriving on location as your most poised and professional self has always conveyed an important message.  Despite the shift to virtual meetings and events over the past year, this basic concept still holds true.  After all, Room Raters isn’t just a popular Twitter account – it has inspired a new national pastime, evaluating and critiquing work-from-home environments!  Whether you enjoy room rating as much as we do, or you are searching for guidance to improve your own at-home set-up, TME’s team of Virtual Event Pros is here to help.  Below, are five battle-tested ways to guarantee a 10/10. 

  1. Camera: Your camera should be at eye level, allowing you to naturally maintain eye contact with your audience. Some laptop models feature a keyboard-level camera, providing a less-than-ideal view inside of some speakers’ noses. To correct this issue, raise your computer, either by investing in an affordable computer stand or simply using items from your home, such as a stack of shoe boxes or books.  Make sure that your body is properly aligned, straight in front of the camera.  Looking at the camera from an angle, or turning your head away from it, can give the appearance that you are distracted or not fully engaged.
  2. Lighting: Your light source should be in front of you.  Arranging your workstation so that you are facing a window will allow you to maximize the ideal natural light.  Having a window behind you will create unpleasant backlighting, leaving you in the shadows.  We recommend placing a lamp behind your computer or utilizing a clip-on ring light to help illuminate your face and allow you to shine.  But watch out for distracting shadows or glare and if you wear glasses look for the ring light in your glasses and position it so it isn’t distracting to those looking at you.
  3. Background: Bookshelves, plants, and statement walls can earn you bonus points on Room Raters, but our TME experts also like a neutral background to ensure that YOU are the main attraction.  Virtual backgrounds are not recommended unless you are using a green screen.  Avoid showcasing entryways or areas with heavy foot traffic.
  4. Wardrobe: Keep it simple with primary colors and avoid busy patterns that could detract from your content. When selecting accessories, remember that less is more!  A piece of statement jewelry might look fantastic, but remember that a pair of dangly earrings or bangle bracelets can also interfere with your microphone.
  5. Be Comfortable: Find a chair that provides good support and allows you to sit with your feet flat on the floor.  Now, take a deep breath. Roll your shoulders back. Smile! We recommend selecting the “Hide Self View” option, when available so that you can focus on your audience, rather than scrutinizing your own appearance. If you need to reference notes, put them up on your screen, making it easier for you to naturally keep your focus on the camera. 

Whether participating in an internal meeting, presenting at a large conference, or speaking at a fundraising gala, these tips and tricks offer a successful strategy to ensure great content in the virtual world. Should you require assistance with preparing program participants for an upcoming event, please contact us for a TaylorMade Experience.

Contributed by Account Manager:  Marianne Johnson

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