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1. Who are you? Description of organization and fund use. This is key for new prospects but is also a good reminder to your existing donor base. To both new and current contacts, this description answers the “Why?” question – why should I support this organization? This is your opportunity to share your mission, key programs, and the anticipated use of funds received as a result of your fundraising efforts. This is also your chance to use logic or if you’re a non-profit an emotional appeal to pull on the heart strings...

The summer sadly has come to an end; all of us are back into our routines. Regardless of whether or not you have kids, you were once a kid. The practice, preparation, and simultaneous joy and anticipation associated with back to school can be translated into the following lessons that can be applied at work, both within corporations and nonprofit organizations. Jump back in with both feet – All major cities tend to have a lull in the summer; business slows and vacations are in full effect. Just like being a...

As one of the biggest sporting events in the world is taking place, many of you are no doubt following the drama and excitement of the FIFA World Cup this month. Our TME staff is proudly supporting the USA national team. As I’ve been watching the games, I have seen several parallel lessons, a few of which I have outlined below, that can be appropriately applied to organizations – small and large, for profit and non-profit alike. Plan ahead – strategically. These athletes prepare for years for this opportunity; for many...


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