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Hybrid Events Are Here to Stay

Despite the hopeful sign of rapidly expanding COVID-19 vaccinations across the country, hybrid events will continue to be popular for the foreseeable future. The reasons? Experts predict that the pandemic won’t end until mid-2022. With just 35 percent of Americans fully vaccinated, we haven’t reached herd immunity as a nation, and that makes it risky to gather in large numbers. This makes the hybrid meeting model a great alternative. 

In addition to eliminating the risk of gathering in person for a live event, there are many other compelling reasons for the popularity of hybrid events, including these:

1. Hybrid Events draw larger audiences than live events. – One of the major drawbacks of traveling to meetings is…well, traveling to meetings. Removing the geographic barriers for participants contributed to the steady increase in virtual event participation that TME has seen over the past year. The major drawbacks of traveling to meetings — the expense, the never-ending airport security lines, and packed airplanes, are eliminated and that is a good thing. Many people are uncomfortable at the mere thought of gathering in person for an event of 500 people or more. Hybrid events offer the opportunity to participate in a well-planned, informative, and engaging program without the hassle of travel and the worry of crowded spaces.

2. Booking VIP guests is easier. – By eliminating the need to travel, booking VIP guests for hybrid events is much easier. Having a pre-recorded segment with a VIP participant can be a huge draw for attendees and generate buzz and excitement about the overall program. 

3. Innovations are driving costs down – Although hybrid events typically cost more than virtual or in-person events there are ways to save money on these programs. In addition, savvy companies have introduced platforms and innovations that can better compete with existing technology, ultimately driving costs lower. 

At TME, we believe that the hybrid event model will continue to be popular because of the compelling benefits to organizers and hosts, allowing them to expand their reach of potential attendees, deliver targeted programming in a safer way, and advance their message and mission while remaining relevant. As we approach the mid-year point of 2021, we may slowly see travel and live events experience an uptick, but few event organizers will rush to go live first. By leveraging the benefits of hybrid events, event organizers can deliver high-quality programming, high-caliber speakers, and the ultimate convenience to participants.

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