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Despite the hopeful sign of rapidly expanding COVID-19 vaccinations across the country, hybrid events will continue to be popular for the foreseeable future. The reasons? Experts predict that the pandemic won’t end until mid-2022. With just 35 percent of Americans fully vaccinated, we haven’t reached herd immunity as a nation, and that makes it risky to gather in large numbers. This makes the hybrid meeting model a great alternative.  In addition to eliminating the risk of gathering in person for a live event, there are many other compelling reasons for the...

We can all agree that this has been a year unlike one we’ve ever seen before, and there’s no “back to normal” in sight, so we’re all having to improvise, make changes, find that “new normal.” So what does that mean in the event space?  It means planning can be complicated. And since we’re planners, that can be a little out of our comfort zone - more like completely and utterly out of our comfort zone. But the fact is that until we have a successful vaccine, most people probably aren’t...


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