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Simplify Your Next Event with On-site Registration Software

We’re so glad the dark days in event management are behind us—days filled with printed stacks of registration lists and hours spent sifting through these lists to find event attendees’ names. As a result of all that paper shuffling, there was always a bottleneck of frustrated attendees waiting to check in at registration.

Now with the use of on-site event registration technology, all we need to do is type in the first few letters of a name and an attendee’s name will pop right up on our iPad. We can edit table arrangements, create full reports in real time, and even check in on people based on the reports we create. The time we save with this technology can be used to provide amazing customer service to our guests.

If you’re not already using on-site registration software, then now’s the time to start! Thankfully, there are tons of options available. Because every event team is different, you’ll want to go with what works best for you, but we’re here to help you on your hunt. We pulled together the following tips to use while searching for your event management software.

Do your homework – not all registration programs are created equal

After researching some of the options out there, you’ll want to speak to a representative of the software companies you’re interested in. We are on a first name basis with our favorite company! Getting to know a sales representative will allow you to get a sense of whether or not the capabilities align with your needs. Some things you may want to check to see if they offer include:

  • Full names: Will you be able to get the full name of person you are registering?
  • Seating assignments: Does the tool allow for easy seating arrangement management?
  • VIP arrival alerts: Is there text message services available that will let you know if a certain person walks through the door?(This is helpful for your team as it will alert you when someone like a speaker or celebrity arrives at the event.)
  • Multiple users logged in simultaneously: Will the whole team be able to use the software at the same time from different locations? If so, will the data update in real time?
  • Full table reports: Are you able to pull reports to see who is seated at each table?
  • Changes: Can you make changes on the fly and update the reports on the iPad directly?
  • After event reporting and compatibility: Can you pull reports to see who showed to the event and who didn’t? And are those reports compatible with an internal CRM or Fundraising system you use like ACT, Salesforce or Razor’s Edge?

Also, don’t be afraid to ask around for recommendations—testimonials are great!

Test out the program with a demo

You don’t want to try out a system during a live event! Imagine guests waiting on flustered staff who are desperately trying to work the registration tools to no avail, you can avoid this scenario by testing out the product with your staff well before adoption. Even if you do decide to adopt a program or tool, we recommend having a pre-event run-through with your registration staff to make sure everyone is on the same page.

Check out some of our faves

We’ve tried a bunch of software systems and programs on our quest to find the perfect event management tool. Some of our favorites are:

  • Zkipster: This guest list app for event professionals is a fantastic tool, and it’s one of the first we here at TaylorMade Experience ever used. Our whole team is so comfortable with the tools, and they offer great value for a very low cost.
  • Social Tables: This table-seating software has been such a blessing for us. We’re able to easily manage who sits where at our events and avoid tons of potential conflicts as a result.  And they have an easy check in app.
  • Cvent: This online event registration software is great for managing an event from the original email invitation to the final follow up. You can build your own event website with this tool and it makes managing the attendees a breeze.
  • RegOnline: This online event registration and management software is easy to use and offers a free trial. RegOnline provides event planners and organizers with total attendee data management, control, and insight over every aspect of their event or meeting.

But again, you’ll want to select an on-site event registration and management tool that works best for your needs.

If you want to talk in-depth about how we’ve come to use our event management systems, give us a call. We’re more than happy to help you figure out the best program to manage your next event.

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